Comprehensive Legal Service

    Comprehensive Legal Service

    We offer comprehensive support in areas of law relevant to the business.

    Company law, commercial law, contracts, representations, employer-employee relationships, functioning on a competitive market – all these aspects of business activities call for expertise in legal matters. Our lawyers are experts who combine their knowledge of law with their experience of its application in business.


    Company Law & Commercial Law

    Rendering current legal support with a due regard to corporation law, including:
    • organization of shareholders’ meetings, conduction of debates of company governing bodies;
    • preparation of documentation of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings;
    • advising on organisational changes, including: matters related to change of the value of the share capital, redemption of shares, making fees, conversion of debts, etc;
    • advising on corporate cases, preparation of projects of resolutions of company governing bodies, preparation of projects of organisational rules and regulations and other internal acts regulating the functioning of business entities and its governing bodies, rules of management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders’ meetings, projects of announcements required by provisions of law, agreements on trade co-operation, and various kind of agreements concluded between shareholders of the company;
    • in case where the conflict appears support to settle the dispute amicably between the company and shareholders;


    We also:
    • provide the legal support of business undertakings, including capital investments, acquisition and sale of enterprises and organised parts thereof, as well as acquisition and sale of shares;
    • provide complex legal service of business entities, analyze legal and factual situation of our Clients, advise, prepare answers to legal questions, and on a current basis identificate legal problems which may appear in the future;
    • prepare specialist legal opinions regarding the scope of business activity, give legal advises and conducts thematic trainings for employees of the company;
    • monitor changes of provisions of law, especially regarding branch regulations, where our Clients provide a business activity;
    • give opinions and prepare projects of commercial contracts, letters of intent, agreements, protocols, etc;
    • prepare and conduct negotiations with strategic investors, cooperate actively with financial-accountant departments and tax advisors of the Mandator;
    • represent the Mandator towards contractors, creditors, debtors, in the proceedings before administrative bodies, including tax administration, as well as before courts, the Supreme Court, Provincial Administrative Courts, and Main Administrative Court;
    • assist in receivables collection, inquirie of receivables in court proceedings, included: proceedings by writ of payment, guard and enforcement proceedings, moreover take part in bankruptcy proceedings;
    • conduct the proceedings in the scope of shareholder’s exclusion, dissolution and liquidation of the company and cancellation from the appropriate register;


    Civil Law

    Within the scope of widely understood civil law we:
    • preparee projects of contracts, agreements, statements, letters of intent etc, moreover give opinions on projects of agreements, contracts and statements prepared by contractors of our Clients, indicating on potential threats and contractual risks arising from the contract, advise and propose amendments to contracts;
    • prepare forms of commercial agreements, including both polish and foreign market;
    • provide to our Clients complex legal support at the realization of contracts, on each stage of its fulfillment;
    • prepare special expert opinions and legal opinions;
    • regulate the legal status of real properties;
    • prepare procedural writs of all kinds;
    • inform Clients on costs and estimated duration of court proceedings;
    • represent our Clients before common courts of law, the Supreme Court, and arbitration boards;
    • represent Clients in the course of enforcement proceedings aiming the execution of their rights;


    We also consult and advise in the following scope:
    • right of ownership, right of perpetual usufruct, right of usufruct, lease, tenancy and leasing;
    • real estate trading (prepare due-diligence of the real property, operate perpetual books and mortgage proceedings);
    • matters related to use the common part of a real property or management of the common part of a real property;
    • law of obligations, including incurred obligations, compensation of liabilities, given guarantees and securities, constituting measures of securing the claim in rem, pursuing claims;
    • law of inheritance;
    • purchasing and selling assets and intangible elements of an enterprise, etc;


    Administrative Law

    W represent our Clients in the course of proceedings before governmental and local-governmental administrative bodies, on each stage of the administrative proceedings:
    • within the proceedings on the matter of issuing the decision by the first instance administrative body, the appeal proceedings before the second instance administrative body, including Local Government Board of Appeal;
    • in the proceedings before Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Board of Arbitrators by the Public Procurement Office, and Patent Office;
    • in the proceedings before administrative courts and Main Administrative Court;


    We also:
    • prepare applications initiating administrative proceedings as well as applications and standpoints of the parties in the course of ongoing administrative proceedings and enforcement administrative proceedings;
    • render a legal support and represent entities in the course of administrative proceedings in the scope of issuing required by law concessions, licenses and permits for pursuit of business activity;
    • advise or conduct on behalf of our Clients the following proceedings: on bringing an action against administrative decision, on appealing from resolutions of local-governmental administrative bodies and acts of law of governmental administrative bodies, on complaints against inactivity of administrative bodies, on reinstatement the time limit to bring an action against the decision of first instance administrative body, regarding complaints against the resolution on the refusal of issuing a certificate, on reissuing administrative proceedings, and ascertaining the state of nullity of administrative decision;
    • prepare specialist legal opinions in cases related to substantial administrative law, procedural administrative law, administrative court proceedings, as well as in the scope of enforcement administrative proceedings;
    • within the scope of enforcement administrative proceedings conduct proceedings regarding: exclusion objects from execution, restraining executive actions, complaints against the enforcement administrative proceedings or executive actions, suspension or remission of enforcement administrative proceedings;
    • advise in the scope of administrative law towards public administration units;
    • prepare and give opinion to projects of resolutions, regulations and other acts of law, issued by public administrative bodies;


    Labour Law

    Within the scope of labour law we:
    • prepare projects of contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, etc;
    • prepare projects of work regulations, and other acts provided by the suitable provisions of labour law;
    • offer our assistance in pre-litigation phase of proceedings examining the ratio of a dispute, negotiating terms of potential settlement and run the conciliation proceedings;
    • advise in matters related the establishment and termination of employment relationship, including matters of collective redundancy;
    • represent our Clients in the proceedings before courts of labour law;


    Public Tender Law

    Within the scope of public tender we render legal support services as well, both ordering party and tenderer, which includes:
    • preparation of internal regulations of administer public tenders, and plans of public tenders for organisational units of entities involved in organization and granting of public tenders;
    • preparation of complex tender’s documentation, including specification of essential conditions of the order (the so-called SIWZ), forms of offers, projects of agreements, etc;
    • preparation of opinions and legal analysis, as well as projects of legal justifications for the benefit of entities obliged to apply the provisions of Law on Public Tenders Act;
    • legal support within the scope of tender proceedings, as well as legal support at preparation of tender documentation;
    • legal support and legal analysis of the correctness of provided tender proceedings by ordering parties;
    • preparation on behalf of tenderer protests, appeals and complaints;
    • representation of Clients before Arbitration Comittee at the Public Tenders Office and courts of common law;


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